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Company Profile

Company Profile

Business Email Solutions, a leading name in the Google solutions marketplace. In a very short span of time, Business Email Solutions has established itself as a cloud products marketing company for Google, helping clients realize the exciting potential of the cloud to help their businesses grow.

Although digital technology has evolved to a greater extent where new modes and channels of communication is popping up every day, emails have always been the most essential form of formal communication. Till date email solutions are also growing in terms of added features, flexibility and simplicity.

Any business small or large requires professional email address. It establishes your brand, your professionalism and also adds value to your communications. Thanks to the large players like Google and Microsoft, the email channels are more stream lined and feature rich.

With its team of internet savvy experts and online marketing professionals, it successfully drove visitors to its clients’ websites, converting them into buyers and assuring maximum ROI. Pioneers in search engine optimization (SEO), Business Email Solutions helped its clients acquire top rankings on major search engines.

Today Cloud computing (the ability to run a program or application on many connected computers at the same time) is drastically changing the online business environment, enabling businesses to run faster, more efficiently and at reduced costs. Business Email Solutions combines its commitment to the latest technology with its passion to fulfill customer needs and help businesses grow faster and more efficiently.

The email hosting is a cloud based hosting solution that helps get professional email addresses for your team, that is hosted on a reliable and secure platform. It is also a very simple solution that is very easy to use and manage.

Niftysoft helps you to register your own domain name with best price. We provide internet & intranet level email service & solutions for small level business companies.